Funny Phone Numbers To Call Canada

Funny Phone Numbers To Call Canada. As soon as you call this number, the voice from the other side will relay information on finding the legendary 9 ¾. Such contact information adds a personal touch and creates intriguing phone numbers to prank call in order to leave a lasting impression.

Fun Call automatic phone calls on demand or on a schedule (ios) from

In japan, the number 4 (shi) sounds like the word for “death” (shi). A great idea, but unfortunately, most of the numbers in the tweet are now defunct, including the hilarious “i am groot” hotline. Phone numbers to call when bored.

Although People Consider It Haunted, It Is Not Traditional As It Is Utilised To Test The Phone's Sound Quality.

They say that anyone who calls the number will die within a week in some type of accident. Several companies, for example, have amusing 1800 numbers that might be used for prank calls: It is upon you to figure out if you want to call the number or not as it is all about tour risk appetite.

They’ll Guarantee That Just When You Think You Have It Bad, It Could Always Be Worse.

These digits are an easter egg line for the ending of the video game god of war. Any call or text to this number will get the same script: It contains an epic speech with cameos from the game's creator.

When You Call The Number, You Are Meant To Hear A Peculiar, Eerie Sounds.

See more ideas about numbers to call funny phone numbers funny numbers. Troll the creep from the club or prank call your friends with these funny numbers. To read the story that launched a thousand phone calls, head here.

This Number Definitely Tops The List Of Creepy Phone Numbers To Call.

One is in the canada pavilion and the other three are in the uk pavilion. British southern donald trump cookie monster. The sobriety test hotline is among the best random phone numbers to call for humour.

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Have one of your friends phone up this scary phone number and don’t tell them what to expect. An unexpected call wanting a good time. The book narrates that the 1970s uk children can call this mysterious line free of charge via a payphone.

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